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Services & Packages

Energetic Healing

Initial 2-hour session $200, standard 90-minute session $150

During a healing session with Nancy, she will pinpoint if you need a Ancestral, Past Life or Simultaneous Life harmonization addressing the issues, energy blocks and repeat patterns that keeps you locked into your current emotional state of being. This includes Chakra clearing, soul retrieval if necessary, and she will help you remove and energetically heal limiting beliefs that hold you back from achieving your goals.

Private Life Coaching

$50 hourly rate

During a life coaching session, Nancy can help and guide you as you walk the unfamiliar steps of your journey with unconditional love and support, and help you to feel Empowered, Confident, Loved & Validated during your recovery, after narcissistic abuse.

Home and Business Clearings
of Negative Energy and Entity Removal

$100 per hour with 2-hour minimum. Additional travel expenses may apply.

Feeling out of sorts in your home? Does your house and land need healing? Nancy works to both clear and harmonize energies for optimal vibration to support you and your family living your most vibrant life. This includes crossing over lost souls and lower vibrational energies. As well as working with the optimal energies of nature and the home to bring in the intentions you, your family and the home and land can thrive within supporting your optimal potential. If you are looking to sell your home and/or looking to purchase a new one, clearing your home will help with the optimal outcome you desire.

Intuitive Readings

$100 hourly rate

Nancy will use her gifts and abilities to connect with her guides to reveal guidance and answers to your questions. In-person and Zoom sessions are available.

Bundled Packages

Your First Step


3 Life Coaching sessions

Life Reset


1 Energetic Healing session
1 Life Coaching session

Fresh Start


1 Energetic Healing session
1 Life Coaching session
1 Home or Business Clearing

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