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“Changes in life, growing out of the ashes, healing the old to get to the new. Rising into your new life and into the new you.”

Transforming Your Phoenix


Nancy Randen is an energetic healer, teacher and intuitive life coach.

She specializes in pinpointing and transforming at your core the issues, patterns and struggles in your life and guides you to inner peace with clarity, ease and grace.

Nancy is a certified abuse and trauma recovery life coach, with a focus on spiritual growth for a healthier divine self and life. She is committed to helping people recover from abuse and trauma, and help energetically heal its effects on the mind, body and spirit.

Nancy is a Certified Practitioner of the Following

Spiritual Growth and Psychic Development

Disconnection from the Collective Shadow®
and Cellular Activation®

Transforming Ancestral & Other Lifetimes®

222 Oneness Protocol and 9999 New Earth Energetic Healing Systems

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