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Intuitive Development Level II – 7 Week Workshop

Starts October 3, 2023

Level II: Deepen Your Intuition

In this series of seven classes, you will learn advanced intuitive skills that prepare you to work on an energetic level to clear issues for yourself, as well as your family, friends, and clients. The skills you will learn move are foundational for moving into our higher levels courses.

We will explore a range of techniques and practices to help you expand your intuitive skills.

  • Read the chakras to understand which issues need to be transformed and which gifts can be integrated.
  • Read the energy field and answer questions for someone who is not in the room with you.
  • Communicate with those who have passed on and cross them over, if needed.
  • Identify past and simultaneous lifetimes and learn how to work with them.
  • Receive a message or gift from your Higher Self and spirit guides.

Each class is designed to open and expand your intuition as you experience different techniques. We will explore a range of different techniques that you can continue to practice between classes to keep developing your skills.

Prerequisite: Intuitive Development Level I: Develop Your Intuition is required to register.

Dates: Tuesdays, Oct 3, 10, 17, 24, 31, 2023 6:00pm – 8:00pm
Where: Baldwin, WI or online via Zoom
Price: $475 plus $25 for manual
Registration: Call or text 715-928-3098 or email

Creating Sacred Space

December 2, 2023

Our physical spaces and the land they are built upon have natural and accumulated energies that can disturb our well-being. This class teaches you how to clear and set energies of protection around your home, office, or property using two Star of David energetic grid techniques.

Learn how to intentionally create environments that feel more supportive and harmonious, so you can be at your best. And apply the techniques you learn when you travel, work in new spaces, and to help your family and friends.

Intentionally Create Clear Living and Work Spaces

This workshop teaches you two simple clearing techniques that release negative energies from your environment and elevated it into a space that feels protected and harmonious.

The Star of David is known for bringing heaven on earth. The traditional Star of David clearing grid using stones will be taught, along with a new Star of David grid called, “The Encrypted Star of David.” These two systems act as an automatic clearing process once they are established.

There are many benefits to learning and implementing this system in your home, property, and workspace; you can also use these techniques to support your family, friends, and clients.

  • Easier to focus with crisp, clear energy.
  • A greater sense of well-being as negative emotions are continually transformed.
  • Intentionally call supportive energies into in your home, workspace, and property.

When: Saturday Dec 2, 2023
Time: 9:00am – 1:00pm CST
Where: Baldwin, WI or online via Zoom
Price: $175 plus $50 for manual

To Register: Call or text Nancy Randen at 715-928-3098 or email

Disconnection from the Collective Shadow & Cellular Activation – 2 Day Workshop

Starts January 19, 2024

We are all connected and affect one another on an energetic level through the collective consciousness – a unifying energy field that surrounds all of us. The Disconnection from the Collective Shadow (DCS) and Cellular Activation course teaches you how to disengage from the heavier issues, patterns, limiting-beliefs and problems that affect humanity through the collective consciousness.

Elevate and Expand Your Energy!

This 2-day workshop connects you to your soul’s purpose by activating your highest perspectives and potential, so that you can manifest your most expanded expression of self! Experience how much lighter and happier you can feel as you raise your vibration. Join us for a two-day course where you’ll learn and experience Disconnection from the Collective Shadow (DCS) and Cellular Activation.

Disconnection from the Collective Shadow This multi-step process that helps you feel lighter by energetically unweaving you from the heavier issues, patterns and limitations connected to the collective consciousness. This is important since we are all interconnected and all affect one another.

Cellular Activation This three phase process supports your ability to let go of the past on a deeper level, align more with your life purpose, and attract optimal outcomes and experiences. It’s also designed to connect you to the higher dimensional energies, so you can raise your vibration and embody more of your own self-mastery.

Disconnection from the Collective Shadow (DCS) and Cellular Activation are taught as one course.

Pre-requisites: Intuitive Development Levels I and II, Creating Sacred Space

Dates: 2:00pm – 6:00pm CST Friday Jan 19, 2024
9:00am – 5:00pm Saturday Jan 20, 2024
Where: Baldwin, WI or online via Zoom
Cost: $450 + $100 for the manual

To Register: Call or text Nancy Randen at 715-928-3098 or email

Ancestral and Other Lifetimes

Starts February 10, 2024

Your current life has much more going on than what you can see with your physical eyes. You have many invisible undercurrents that affect how you’re feeling and experiencing your life. Learn transformational techniques that energetically neutralize any unhelpful undercurrents so you feel lighter and happier. These invisible undercurrents include issues, patterns, beliefs, memories, emotions and behaviors within your ancestry, past lives, simultaneous lifetimes and the collective. You will experience how we are all interconnected through the positive changes you see for yourself and your loved ones.

We are all Divine Beings having a human experience! Learning these transformational energy healing techniques will help yourself and others feel this truth within.

We will focus on:

  • Understanding the role of “lesson givers” and support systems in your life
  • Energetically healing your personal life
  • Energetically healing your ancestry
  • Resolving past lives
  • Transforming simultaneous/parallel lifetimes
  • Activating and accessing your Divine Self

Prerequisites: Intuitive Development I and II, Creating Sacred Space, Disconnection from the Collective Shadow & Cellular Activation

Dates: Saturday Feb 10, 2024 from 9:00am – 1:00pm CST
Tuesdays Feb 13, 20, 27, March 5, 12, 19, 26, April 2, 2024 from 6:00pm – 8:00pm CST
Where: Baldwin, WI or online via Zoom
Cost: $825 + $125 for the manual

To Register: Call or text Nancy Randen at 715-928-3098 or email

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