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13:13:12 Energies Manifesting

By Nancy Randen and Elizabeth Sullivan

Meditation Invitation during these Days

When you meditate you can support the clearing of the collective and your own individual energy fields. Meditation can support calming you down during this time and support a clear, calm connection to your higher self—the place that gives you answers when you need them, as you need them. When you sit to meditate, try to already feed yourself something that nourishes a calm system, move your body gently so it is ready for stillness, let the mind clear itself with the support of a full diaphragmatic breath, and any mantras you use to support your mind, breath and body can also create a pathway for a clear, sattvic connection—supporting your self-healing self-realization divine essence. Trying to meditate before you have rested yourself, fed yourself, and gently moved your system can prove to create more challenges than connection. So take care of your system setting yourself up well for what information and healing is ready to come in for you and the collective that is in deep transformation.

13:13:12 Energies Manifesting

13:13:12 Energies Manifesting

March 16, 2020

When we went into meditation the last two mornings to explore the 13:13:12 frequencies coming online at this time to help with this vibrational upgrade of the planet that is in immediate transformation with the Corona virus.

Yesterday we saw that the energy of 13:13:12 was grounding us deep into Mother Earth. Healing Mother Earth and extending out through all vortexes. The healthy vortexes were anchoring the trees in and to bring the positive energy up and covering Mother Earth with all that positive energy.

We also saw waves of fear, grief, and stagnation release. Grief seated in the lungs of all humanity, and the lungs of Mother Earth. Each person was shown when they fold in on themselves that they become a micro Mother Earth, a sphere as their bodies connect head to feet. Healing chambers went around the Earth and around each of us.

We then saw the interconnectedness of all of us, optimally connected and spreading the healing energy to all with the coronavirus for optimal healing, and then asked for optimal protection of those that are healthy, remain healthy and protected as the optimal healing for the virus came in! We saw in the subconscious area of each and everyone of us we were all ready to surrender and release what was no longer serving us for full resolution, which is going to help with the critical mass awakening that is occurring as we connect with Source Energy.

March 17, 2020

Today, when we went into meditation, we were shown that the enslavement of the planet, which was rooted in a deep toxic shame that dates back over 23,000 years ago—locking this in, and that as they clear it will release the toxic shame within our DNA and ancestry that’s been manipulated over time. This is ready to shift. Both for the Earth and any scar tissue that has locked this in with toxic shame but also within each of us that has the imprint of toxic shame in the reptilian brain, the lower part of our brain, the survival part of our brain—fight or flight part of our brain, which was part of the subconscious that was surrendering yesterday.

We simultaneously saw more how the 13:13:12 energies were manifesting in Earth and within our being as we collectively clear this toxic shame. The 13 crescent moons representing the divine feminine align horizontally to make the sphere of the Earth balance her, and her waters for optimal flow, and how they then work within us to balance our structure, hormones, our fluids throughout our body. These 13 crescent moons when put together make up a full moon—showing full realization. This full moon connects to the point of consciousness at the perineum within us and shines up and down filling us with lunar energies. These lunar energies are also showered down on us from the point of the cosmic prana that is 12 finger widths above the crown of our head. The Full Moon shines from the top of our scalp throughout our whole system. The 12 divine masculine solar energy was shown as 12 suns—or hours of daylight as we move toward this spring equinox, and how it aligns with our organ system from sunup to sundown and then sundown to sunup. It also showed the main sun which is located in our navel as digestive agni (fire) supports all the optimal pathways when it is flowing optimally—known as (srotos) pathways in Ayurveda. Women have 16, Men have 14, both have 13.

We also saw that the 6-foot distancing for social distancing is helping expand our energetic field to hold more light and the Earth’s magnetic field to hold the higher vibration. All this while we connect more fully up to Source energy to hold and manifest a higher vibration and come into the Equinox of the Spring balancing these lunar and solar energies within and without.

March 18, 2020

Today we were shown the New Earth is ready to come in. The Divine Galactic Mother, a Divine Mother force of love that felt beyond time and space, and encompassed the energies of destruction, creation, and a new maintenance, is overseeing this process. In the next ten days many will be awaking to this shift.

Mother Earth was shown birthing and exhaling, exhaling, exhaling, exhaling.

Then the Diamond Body came in. Starting with humanity and Mother Earth, the Diamond Pattern kept repeating itself throughout the planet and the body of the human. Followed by the infinity sign that was seen as a clearing over all humanity and Mother Earth, and within the human body going through the trunk horizontally and then vertically.

We are all invited to continue to help heal Mother Earth, to clear Mother Earth, and to awaken into the New Energies that are being manifested at this time, asking us to shed the older energies of fear, to acknowledge and heal the grief, and to release the toxic shame.

Our focus is to be centered on that point and how this healing point brings in new awareness, new energies. The point centered at this point in the brain, also shifts us from lower consciousness, fight or flight, reptilian brain to being able to use our higher consciousness, and higher brain functions, along with a more intimate connection with our Higher Self—the part that never changes, but guides, inspires, gives answers as needed and shows and illuminates a higher perspective where we grow into our full potential of ourselves in service and in light of the Newly Rebirthed Earth and all sentient beings.

For the Lungs

If you are feeling a tight or heavy chest, to release the grief, the fear residing there, one practitioner, Siana, suggested a practice she was using to breathe into the lungs, the lower middle and upper lobe the following colors—to inhale pink healing energies and then exhale them. Then after a few breaths, inhale white healing energies, then exhale them. After a few breaths, shift it to golden energies, inhale and exhale the breath—as you do this feel and sense the release of the grief and fear and inhale love and peace. Thank you Siana for sharing this!

For Ongoing Personal Healing Support

If you’re having a hard time during this transition and state of affairs during this crisis in our country/planet, and feel you need more support, and help in healing yourself please contact any of us here at the CHC, we are here to help. Many of us offer zoom/skype/facetime sessions even before this time of self-containment, as well as long distance work. Most of us also work one on one or in small groups in person when we can reconvene in person. Regardless, know you are not alone, we are intimately interconnected. Sending all the love and healing energies as we shift and transform.

Private sessions or small group classes available with personalized take home practices. To schedule visit

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